Kln90b updating database

Please view the following document for complete instructions on computer updating.

GPS_Please Note: The KLN-35A and KLX-135A GPS units can only be updated via computer as they do not have externally accessible databases.

We only keep the current cycle on the server, and if you have an active subscription, you may download.

Due to the variation in condition of units, repair costs can vary significantly.

Please note: This page does not support download manager software which throttles download speed.Therefore, in this case, only a remote relay is purchased without a control assembly.In addition to variations in switches, relays, and sizes, ACUs are engineered to be compatible with specific GPS systems by different manufacturers.Therefore, the KI-208A and KI-209A are limited to the KLN 89B and KLN 900. The Bendix/King KLN-94 Color IFR GPS is not a slide-in direct replacement for the KLN-90B IFR GPS. The KI-209A does not have an OBS resolver inside the indicator to provide selected course information to the GPS. To see the Sine/Cosine potentiometer and properly calibrate to it, it requires more than the /- 10 degrees of adjustment that a KLN-90B has.The KLN-89B and KLN-900 has /- 180 degrees of adjustment.

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The relay assembly provides the electrical transfer of information between a conventional nav (VOR/ILS/GS) and GPS to one Course Deviation Indicator (CDI). In this case, you would only purchase the Control Head.

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