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For this reason we approached AQM to audit our processes and provide feedback to ensure we are delivering on every promise and at every service level.AQM worked with us to develop a mystery shopping project to suit our needs and the results we received were invaluable to the business.We will continue to work with AQM on regular quality audits." "Thomson Education is Australia’s largest provider of distance education and as such we rely enormously on a range of contact channels to grow our business and provide superior service to our students.AQM have proven to be invaluable in helping us monitor these channels by regular mystery shopping projects.The constant clicking of guns, the smell of grease, the echoes of soldiers yelling: it sent her into a panic. ” He leaned over the table, held the weapon in his hands, pointed it at her. After ten months on Ambien, she still can’t sleep through the night. Phone Calls Cedar Springs monitors phone calls and allows patients to use the phone for ten minutes at a time. After twenty days at Cedar Springs, ten days longer than the average stay, I’m desperate for her to stay on the line just a moment longer.SPC Morris didn’t know what to do—she couldn’t move for fear of grabbing a gun and attacking someone. Minipress forces her pulse so low she supposedly can’t have nightmares. “Baby,” Ashley says, her voice monotonous, androgynous—alarming. “You know I hate that.” Ashley’s voice is even more detached than before. Ashley ends the call, and I look to see how long it lasted: one minute, forty-two seconds—the longest I’ve spoken with her in three days. Benefits While serving in Iraq, SPC Morris dislocated her shoulder.Two weeks after SPC Morris returned from Iraq with nightmares and Ambien and Vicodin and a dislocated shoulder, her commanding officer took her into his office.“Morris, you did a heckuva job over there, and that’s what we need—more soldiers who can do a good job like you.” He pushed a form toward her, with a space for her signature.

While stationed at Fort Carson, the top general of the base, Major General Mark Graham, lost both of his sons: one to a roadside bomb, one to a rope lashed on a ceiling fan. Graham attempted to change this with his new mantra, tacked up on homemade posters all over the base’s hospital: Provide The BEST Care Possible. Be a soldier.” He slammed the gun back on the table, jarring SPC Morris from her trance. She called me that night and told me she often thinks of killing herself.

It was so thin, so brittle, that when it finally broke it sounded like the snap of a pencil.” We lie in my bed in the dark, noses touching. You’re the only one I can talk to.” I feel like crying but don’t. That’s the first night I couldn’t sleep.” Ashley shifts closer to me, tucks her head into my neck, her dry eyes against my chest. I think about what it must have been like to know Amani’s legs were the dust stuck to the window, the ashes caked in her hair. Fort Carson Fort Carson’s website proclaims “BEST ‘HOMETOWN’ IN THE ARMY, HOME TO AMERICA’S BEST.” Fort Carson houses 15,000 soldiers.

Her body trembles against mine, but her voice stays steady. Twelve of these soldiers took their own lives in 2009.

The black cloud of burning limbs enveloped the barracks if the wind blew just right, and dark gray silt snuck into the rooms, coating windowsills with human dust.

The first week in Iraq, Specialist (SPC) Ashley Morris carried a little girl’s burnt legs down three flights of stairs to throw in the incinerator bin.

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