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I can’t tell you how many guys I know have not asked the girl they think is amazing on a date because they think she would never give them a chance or that she has a boyfriend. The sad part is how often these girls who are amazing don’t get asked on any dates because all of the guys just assume she has a boyfriend or is out of their league. The pressure for guys to get physical ASAP is insane!

I’ve been told, “If you have not kissed her by the second date you’re basically friend-zoning her.” We are told that girls are attracted to physical touch and if you don’t get physical they will never be attracted to you.

Maybe the reason she liked your picture on Instagram is that…she actually likes the picture!

I am no exception, the more I talk and date girls the less sense they make.

So I decided in an effort to understand girls better, I would start asking girls what we as guys can do better. Read More » This article by Ariel Szuch was originally posted on her blog. This stage of life, where I am only responsible to take care of myself, is a gift for me to learn important life skills, figure out what I really want, and cultivate my interests.

I decided to always ask a girl I found awesome on a date.

Most of the time I get rejected, but I would rather be rejected or be told: “I have a boyfriend” than wonder if I had missed a chance and live with that regret! Russell Ballard Getting too physical is a widespread mistake that Young Single Adults make.

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Chances are, if you’re a mid-LDS single, you’ve see the same ten people every day at work and the same ten people at Church.

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  1. Melissa, a drop-dead gorgeous Notre Dame–educated firefighter who provides counseling for survivors of 9/11, seems to have been designed in a laboratory for perfect women. I return to the hotel and crawl into bed with Renée. The funds necessary to fly 16 girls cross-country so they can sleep four to a room is nothing compared to the sums that disappear when hotly anticipated start-ups go bust. Social connections, on the other hand, are commodified: Fist bumps are mandated, “friends” are declared, and Dating Ring members provide feedback after every date to help laser-focus the next.