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Plus I love World War II-era stories.- this series of novels is set during the Civil War-era.My mother read two of the books, and had tried to get me as a teenager to read them.To this day I have yet to delve into the books, as they are well over eight hundred pages in length a piece . These days, it can seem that gallerygoers are in it for the selfies (#Koons #nofilter).He makes Photoshop collages with the resulting images, creating vignettes that he then paints.A show of these canvases (priced between four hundred thousand and seven hundred thousand dollars) will open at the Victoria Miro Gallery, in London, next month, to coincide with the Frieze fair in that city.

One recent Sunday, the sixty-six-year-old painter steered his red Ford Flex along the back roads of Long Island’s East End, toward the Art Southampton fair, which takes place in a large tent behind the Elks Lodge.

A petite woman in white Versace jeans emerged from the Jag.“I don’t think you did too much here,” she said cheerfully.

They exchanged phone numbers, and Fischl made his way into the tent. He caught sight of a woman in a floral jumpsuit: “Look at this dress. He himself wore rimless glasses, Nantucket red shorts, and an East Hampton Indoor Tennis T-shirt.

Fischl photographed a mopey woman, pecking on a laptop beneath a sparkly, all-pink interpretation of “Girl with a Pearl Earring.”“I wonder whether, after my show, people will know to be wary,” he said.

After one of his art-fair paintings was shown in New York this year, he recalled, “I got an e-mail that said, ‘I think I’m the person in the painting.’ And it was. She was wearing this hat and glasses and a denim shirt.

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