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A fire consumed much of his library, and the volume containing Beowulf became badly charred.Today the manuscript still exists, though it is falling apart rapidly due to the charring in the fire.In addition, the poem is written with the traditional epic diction, with whole phrases taken from the other bards who sang the legends incorporated.Despite his borrowing from other sources, perhaps in large quantities, the Beowulf poet nonetheless manages to add his own specialized view of his characters' world.When the western mound (to the left in the photo) was excavated in 1874, the finds showed that a powerful man was buried in a large barrow, c.575, on a bear skin with two dogs and rich grave offerings.

Thus Beowulf's poet tries to recreate the past of his people for his people, almost with a nostalgic feeling for the bygone pagan days.

Two different scribes copied the poem, most likely using an existing copy.

Between 1066 and the Reformation, the whole volume remained in a monastic library until Sir Robert Cotton gained possession of it for his own extensive library.

First and foremost, Beowulf's author is a Christian, and he makes the Christian world extremely visible.

He alludes to Cain and the Flood; he shows the Christian God's influence upon the pagan world of the Danes.

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The stories in the poem may have been brought to England by people of Geatish origins.

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