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Making users sign up is a major annoyance, and so we were careful to make sure that we did not require any sort of registration process.When you combine the fact that our service is 100% free with not making users have to register, you get the perfect end result that makes everyone happy, and keeps users coming back time and time again.You also have the option to communicate using your webcam as well.

We also plan to keep our site online indefinitely, so make sure you bookmark us and come again.

With our app you can now select images from your camera roll and send them to your new friend right away.

This will help you in lots of different ways if you're looking to have a truly great random chat experience.

The only way to do that, is to offer a completely free service, because otherwise too many people would not bother even using it!

The other important part to this is to allow you to immediately get started chatting without registration.

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