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But rather than contend in a cheesy quiz show or an overproduced melodrama, singles chase dopamine as they would in addictive video games.

Yet for all the vérité of the aesthetic, there’s a spookiness to Dating Around, too.There’s also a whisper of surrealism in the editing: rainstorms cutting in and out at the same venue, or a full moon lighting multiple sidewalk canoodles.Maybe, the thought could occur, these aren’t real people, but the work of very advanced CGI. Though they did not meet on Tinder, they often banter about the glitchy circularity of modern courtship: the suspicion that someone better is always waiting behind the next swipe, the need to reuse the same restaurants and the same moves, the purgatory of being stuck for the evening with someone who’s wrong from the first hug.The game shows of 20th-century networks presented the hunt for love as communal, lighthearted, and blessedly straightforward.For the aughts, reality TV made sport of anxiety-producing cultural pressures—courtship is not only battling for the best mate, but also battling to live the great Stepford dream!

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