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The thing is, I was a late bloomer and had absolutely no interest in dating—what I knew of it, anyway, based on Molly Ringwald’s characters in John Hughes films like Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink. There was no way she was going to let me go to the movies with a man. Though I could barely admit that I “liked” guys, my days of blissful ignorance about the world of dating were about to be over. Ryan was only fourteen, but to my mom, he was a man. I had told my mom that it would be just my girlfriends and me at the movies. There was no adjective in the world that would make my mom see past my geeky, lanky, pasty, computer nerd, Mormon classmate Ryan’s Y chromosome. She was going to remind me that we were Iranian Muslims, not Americans. He could’ve been eight or forty; it was all the same. These lectures always reminded me of when she’d explained to me in kindergarten that Christians believed in Santa and got presents, and we didn’t . When I was in middle school, she didn’t approve of all the “men” exercising with me in gym class. I had a pretty good feminist rant stashed away that just might hit home: “Mom,” I’d begin, “you didn’t raise your eldest daughter to stay quiet and avoid making friends or talking to people because of creed or stature or even sex...” Wait, I can’t say “sex.” She’ll flip out. She didn’t like that I was friends with so many of the “men” in my sixth-grade history class, or that girls and eleven-year-old “men” were playing coed T-ball at recess. You want to be like these filthy American ladies who go home with dis guy and dat guy, and blah blah blah...? As we made our way through parking-lot traffic in our Danville, California, suburb, I strategized about ways to navigate our argument. What are the qualities to look for in a fiance/fiancee, boyfriend, or girlfriend? What is the role of capacity in choosing a marital partner?

All this time it was owned by Melvin Udosen of 3Brothers Media, it was hosted by Landis Holdings Inc, Ns1 and others.

You can tell since I’m back again for another blog post 😂😂😂 So this has been in the works since last year.

A lot of time and energy has gone into making this a reality. In fact I almost didn’t want to put this up as it was like 30% executed the way I wanted and the perfectionist in me really struggled but hey! Just ignore all mistakes or ways it can be better and focus. So any way here it is day 1 of a 31 day Chayil prayer video.

This course is rather explicit when dealing with the issues of love, dating, and marriage specifically relating to this age group.

Care should be taken when dealing with these topics.

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  1. There were 7 girls who worked at that café and I never had the courage to ask her for a picture, I still visited that café for nearly 3 weeks and stayed content that she was around.