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Even if LSD users don't have a bad trip, heavy use of LSD can still cause serious mental and physical health issues.

Whenever you have alcohol, do you get blackout drunk?

Now, when I read this, I was immediately skeptical. Could the benefits be true, or was it just nonsense that a bunch of hippies made up out of their own cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias? Always consult a medical professional before doing anything. And hopefully, it goes without saying that I would in no way encourage you to break the law, considering these substances are illegal in many places. Unlike a 5-day water fast where you have a complete narrative arc, the day-to-day microdosing experience is broken into three-day “chunks.”You build up a tolerance to psychedelics very quickly, so it’s not practical to take a microdose every day.

Instead, practitioners will take a dose every 4 days, usually consuming 1/10th of a standard “recreational” dose each time.

Others on LSD may also feel dizzy, sweat, have blurred vision and feel tingling in their hands and feet. LSD users often see patterns, shapes, colors and textures.

They aren't always easy to understand, but when they do talk, they speak quickly and jump from subject to subject.

If all goes according to plan, users will experience a good, or positive, trip.

They feel that their mind has burst through its normal boundaries, and they often claim to have had experiences that are spiritual or religious, with a new understanding of how their world and surroundings (or, you know, their lava lamps) work.

People tripping on LSD may have very questionable reasoning skills, becoming impulsive or irrational.

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