Male victims of dating violence

Women and girls are not the only victims of sexual violence.

Men and boys can be victims too, and ALL victims of sexual violence have the right to access services.

Our advocates can provide information, assist with safety planning, and/or find local resources, if available.

They can also help brainstorm alternative options if local programs are not meeting the requirements for male victims, including who a caller may be able to contact if they believe they have experienced discrimination.

Young boys are taught not to express their emotions, to “suck it up” and “be a man.” Tony Porter calls this the “man box” in his well-known TED talk.

The majority of domestic violence stories covered by the media are about male perpetrators and female victims who are typically in heterosexual relationships.Many men also experience domestic violence or sexual assault.This website was created with women in mind because a very large percentage of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault are women.All of the legal information on this website applies equally to men as to women.We respond to requests for information and support from male victims just as we do for female victims on our Email Hotline.

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