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And they are either going to love it or kick me out for not taking this seriously.” So I just did it with a lisp. And the scene was with Jason, and I could see it in his eyes that he wanted to burst into laughter.

At the end when they cut, I just heard Frank’s voice over the loud speaker going, “That was awesome, Teresa.” I was so pleased with what I had done." -Castillo on her creative audition.

Immediately after college, Carlos wants to marry her and start a family, while Sabrina wants to focus on her career. In September of 2012, Sabrina comes to General Hospital as a new student nurse; and Epiphany Johnson, the Head Nurse, shows her around. Patrick Drake, she instantly becomes smitten by him. Britt Westbourne, however comes and pulls Patrick away to talk to him.

She has a son named, Teddy Rivera, who was born in January of 2016, with her late husband, mobster, Carlos Rivera. Sabrina finds out that Britt is going out on a date with Patrick.

Sabrina later overhears that Patrick and Britt are going on another date but that Maxie can't babysit, and she offers to sit again, which doesn't make Britt happy.

was a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. Santiago and his late wife, Nurse Gabriela Santiago.

She was portrayed by actress Teresa Castillo from the character's debut on September 19, 2012 until September 23, 2016.

As Sabrina's leaving, Patrick asks her to stay and have milk and cookies with them, and Sabrina agrees.

Later, at the hospital, Britt overhears Patrick talking to Sabrina about her calling him home while on their date.

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Though the character does not have a lisp, or the uni-brow, the huge glasses and the not so neat hair remain.

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