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To begin, you should verify the resources available to online students at each school and program you evaluate, as these resources can vary between schools and from typical on-campus programs.

Many, though not all, schools offer 24/7 online technical support and other resources such as online career counseling and tutoring.

Since forming professional networks is a large component of a graduate degree program and the asynchronous nature of online learning can hinder real-time communication, students must apply additional effort to take advantage of networking opportunities when attending classes online.

One of the best advantages of earning a master’s degree online is the tuition discount offered by many colleges and universities to online learners.

While all of the schools on our list of the top online master’s in accounting programs offer peer and faculty interaction through such mediums as videoconferencing and message boards, online learning is not always in real time.All three forms of accreditation are voluntary and serve as markers for a school’s commitment to excellence in business and/or accounting education.All three accrediting bodies base a school’s accreditation on outcome factors including faculty quality, curriculum quality, and institutional resources and research, which together indicate overall academic quality.With online accounting programs, you can attend highly-ranked schools anywhere in the country from your own home, and in many cases, avoid paying out-of-state tuition due to guaranteed online tuition rates.Since graduate tuition is typically much higher than tuition for undergraduates, the savings at institutions that offer these online discounts can be substantial.

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