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Think back to when you first began fantasizing about a future relationship.What basis did you use to qualify a potential mate? For some, media and books form the foundation for what love and loving relationships are.The support in our married relationship isn’t easily replaced by social support (Holt-Lunstad, Birmingham, & Jones, 2008).But when things aren’t clicking, the situation can take a dive.” If you’re reading this article chances are it’s because you’re married and struggling, thinking about getting married, or contemplating divorce.You’re looking for answers to that age-old question: Can we make this work? There’s a lot of good news when it comes to getting and staying married.One could also commit to a relationship without admitting their love.Sternberg asserts that each can occur separately or together. His use of triangles represents the balance or imbalance of the various elements of love.

Within a marital relationship, this is “” (Nakonezny and Denton, 2008). These allow you to disclose information in a non-threatening, fun way.In the US and parts of England, for instance, divorce rates are dropping (Wood, 2018).Younger people are delaying marriage, not avoiding it.According to Leeuw (2015) Waring defined intimacy along eight dimensions. The first is a combination of three elements, intimacy, passion, and decision/commitment.They are: Increasing a couple’s cognitive self-disclosure is the single best way to increase their level of intimacy (Waring, 1988.) Developed by Robert J. The center of intimacy is the closeness, connectedness, and bond in the relationship.

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Think of this as the warm-fuzzy feeling you have for a romantic partner.

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