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An August 2012 update to Mc Afee antivirus caused the protection to become turned off and users to lose internet connections.Mc Afee was criticized for not notifying users promptly of the issues when they learned about it.Write down on a piece of paper any information you know about the virus - for instance the name of the virus, or the exact messages that appear on the screen as a result of the virus, or the name of the email attachment that caused the virus.

On April 21, 2010, beginning approximately at 2 PM GMT, an erroneous virus definition file update from Mc Afee affected millions of computers worldwide running Windows XP Service Pack 3.Virus authors are continually releasing new and updated viruses, so it is important that you have the latest definitions installed on your computer.Stay calm and don't change or delete anything from your computer.Unlike the home-user edition, the Enterprise edition consists of a client application for networked computers, and a server application, which the system installs updates and configures settings for all client programs.Clients can be controlled using the included e Policy Orchestrator (e PO), which is a unified console that can control Virus Scan and other Mc Afee products.

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So, to ensure that your Windows OS will download and install all of the latest Windows updates, you should uninstall your current version of Mc Afee Virus Scan, and Mc Afee Agent, reboot your computer, then install this version of Mc Afee Virus Scan.

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