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The Bay d’Espoir is a long inlet of the sea, extending up country over a score of miles.The district is hilly, and is covered by a forest of rather small trees, spruce and birch, but further inland the hills are generally bare.

The men do not wear trousers they wear only a cloth to cover their nakedness.” Their dwellings were usually the ordinary conical wigwams covered with bark, skins, or matting.

The Micmacs have a system of communicating while in the woods.

Sticks are placed in the ground; a cut on one of them indicates that a message in picture-writing on a piece of birch bark is hidden near by under a stone.

For the women are girdled both above and below the stomach and are less nude than the men.

Their clothes are trimmed with leather lace, which the women curry on the side that is not hairy.

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In 1760 the Micmac bands or villages were given as Le Have, Miramichi Tabogimkik, Pohomoosh, Gediak (Shediac), Pictou, Kashpugowitk (Kespoogwit), Chignecto, Isle of St Johns, Nalkitgoniash, Cape Breton, Minas, Chigabennakadik (Shubenacadie), Keshpugowitk (Kespoogwit, duplicated), and Rishebouctou (Richibucto).

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