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The Kensington Church (kensingtonchurch.org) in Troy, Michigan, has more than one singles group for people of faith.

Bagel Run GR members meet every Tuesday morning at 6 AM at GR Bagel in Eastown.

I met with Steve Nelson, and loved the Political Science program, the community and campus.

Now I am here and I couldn’t have made a better decision." data-cycle-caption-title="Sarah Schollmeyer" data-cycle-overlay="Public Relations" data-cycle-overlay-link="/majors" data-cycle-overlay-title="Sarah Schollmeyer" src="/sites/default/files/User Files/stories-column/[email protected]" srcset="/sites/default/files/User Files/stories-column/[email protected]" style="width:390px; height:586px;" We invite you to visit our campus and explore the surrounding area.

Around 200 to 300 people attend each week, with an age range that begins in the early 30s.

Lara Webster has been writing professionally since 2009.

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This helps narrow down your prospects to people within the demographic with which you are most likely to hit it off.

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