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A major problem with improving education and seeking solutions for aging sexual health risks is the lack of verbal discussion on these matters from older aged individuals.

"Older adults often avoid seeking help for sexual concerns because of a lack of knowledge about their sexual problems, embarrassment or discomfort talking about sex, and stigma-related beliefs about older adults and sexuality in older age being inappropriate." Another major problem with improving education and seeking solutions for aging sexual health risks was found after researchers looked at the readiness and training of 777 physicians and 452 nurse practitioners from the American Medical Association Masterfile.

Similarly, treatments for erectile dysfunction can make it possible for men to enjoy sexual activity again.

It has been suggested that an active sex life can increase longevity among the elderly.

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Separate from these are physical concerns related specifically to sexual health and bodily functions.

Researchers gathered that, "the most common concerns for older adult men include erectile dysfunction and premature climax, and older adult women most commonly report lack of desire, problems with vaginal lubrication, sexual pain, and inability to reach orgasm." Consideration of these aging-related health problems and sexual-related health problems together require primary care providers and professionals to be updated on the latest health findings and knowledgeable of patients’ needs and possible solutions.

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