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K gets me to straddle her face with my cock just above her lips.She is just about to open them and start to suck me in when D pushes forward and causes her to let out a little "Oh." of surprise.D is leaning back and now holding K's head trying to get her to slow but it is no good.K is getting too carried away with her stroking, and with her own sensations from my attack, that D has no more control and yells "I am cummmming, Ohhhhhhh my god.With K's motion bobbing up and down on D I only have to hold my tongue out and K's pussy moves over it.

K is now pinned between us, she can not decide which of the two attack fronts is causing her the most pleasure.K is standing there in her short cotton skirt with long tanned legs.Her blouse is amply filled with her 30C breasts under the lacy fabric of her bra.K calls to me to come up beside her so she can now pay attention to my needs.While D positions his cum slick ramrod at K's opening.

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D pulls K back onto the bed and positions himself so K has full access to his engorged member.

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