Modern day dating

Dating apps like Tinder just make things even more complicated, there are now a million options of people to choose from and all it takes is swiping right.

Furthermore it seems that most people are extremely commitment phobic. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with 5 different types of modern-day dating: People are becoming more reliant on chatting on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat rather then on actually having a conversation on the phone.

Well its usually because they are pretty busy and don’t have time so they need something without real restraints that can be based on agreed upon terms.

There are multiple resources online that have information on the It seems that defining relationship has become harder then climbing Mount Everest.

It usually involves meeting up exclusively late at night and the only form of activity besides in the bedroom is streaming.

Don’t just go with the hanging out thing if you want to date. Tell him you would like a gentleman, paired with a nice Italian dinner and some white wine. There’s not always a literary theme, and there’s rarely a Christ figure.

If you want a relationship, you don’t have to listen to his “we don’t need a label” speech. Texting causes so many miscommunications and fights. If something that he says bothers you, talk about it in person.

The main concern here is that there is zero commitment and more often then not if it goes on too long you might just never go anywhere beyond your phone.

If you feel you’re getting stuck in the a talking phase for more then a few weeks, ask to meet in person and if the person doesn’t reply or says no – its time to move on. It’s when you’re spending time with someone but it is most definitely not exclusive.

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