Most intimidating fans in nhl

When Winnipeg got its wish, hockey fans throughout the province responded with an outpouring of tremendous support.Edmonton Oilers Oilers fans were spoiled in the s, but other than a surprise appearance in the final, modern life has been sullen.The chant which is typically heard at soccer stadiums throughout Europe reflects the presence of the many European cultures present throughout Montreal and Quebec.Some cities have suffered for decades, while others can still remember the good times.While it probably goes without referencing, there was an event six years ago that permanently etched this guys into the poor-sports hall of fame and definitely solidified their status as among the rowdiest and loudest fans in the NBA, where an aggressive loud fan base can not only impact select plays, like in the NFL with offsides, but the tempo and tone of an entire game.The event in question is now known as the Artest Melee, and it still stands as the single most iconic showdown between fans and players, with both parties breaking the infamous “fourth wall” and getting involved in each other’s affairs to a violent extent. While hardly a perennial juggernaut, the Seahawks have an ace up their sleeve in the form of acoustics and stadium design ingenuity. The Seahawks learned how to harness the power of their fans through not only the architecture (designed to reflect noise back on the field), but they also keep a running tally of false start penalties on the other team as an incentive for fans to keep the volume up during defensive stands.The smaller than average capacity at the SAP Center, 17,, in no way diminishes the atmosphere of a San Jose home game, especially given the demand for tickets, as Sharks home games are sold out or are very close to on the majority of occasions.

Despite being among the smallest markets in the NFL, KC has amassed the 2nd highest attendance in the entire NFL, a truly impressive feat.Even though San Jose doesn't come to mind as a "hockey city," those Californians sure know how to rock a building when they want to.Pittsburgh Penguins Two straight Cups and the possibility of a third coming.Each barn is unique in its own way, while the fans that fill the seats bring seemingly endless levels of enthusiasm and passion. San Jose Sharks For the longest time, the Sharks were playoff chum despite regular season success.Clayton Keller looks good, but the fans are waiting for the other kids to step up and take over.

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A full house, the emotion of Flyers supporters and the desire to support their team makes the Wells Fargo Center and its fans one of the top hockey atmospheres in the NHL.

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