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And I can’t express to you how much I apologize to you for it. I recognize your smile and that picture because it was mine a few years ago, standing next to the man you are now, probably thinking the same happy thoughts.Admit your errors to yourself and accept that the situation is nobody's fault but your own.You've been trying to control the situation by dropping hints and manipulating, hoping that people will react the way you want them to and that you'll get your way without ever having to come out and ask for it.She’s 31 and asked him first when she booked an outing for my young grandson’s birthday.I was invited much later and he took pleasure in telling me so. My ex has bought a house near her and her husband and sees them almost daily, while it takes me hours to get to her home. Your ex is being manipulative but do not let him turn this into a battle for your daughter’s loyalty. Avoid discussing your marriage breakdown when talking to her. Every problem gets a personal reply, usually within 24 hours weekdays.But you're not a puppet master and they aren't puppets.They are real people with hopes and dreams, just like you. Your friend played by the rules and was up front with you. You may have lost this guy but, if you learn from the experience, you'll move on to having a much better, and more mature, relationship with the next guy.

He had all the love and support and sunshine and rainbows and butterflies and puppies that anyone could ever ask for-and it still wasn't good enough. The truth about this man is simple: he does not know how to love. I can sit here and name every horrible thing that occurred throughout our relationship and marriage, but I don’t think you want to hear it, and frankly I have worked extremely hard to stop reliving it. The wounds on my body have healed, but the scars that have remained are deep. I’m sorry that I allowed him to believe that what he was doing to me was right for as long as I did, because now he very well could do this to you.My girlfriend just broke up with me and i dont blame her... Right now i'm dying because i love her but theres nothing i could do to change my dads mind about her. I know that she still loves me but being hated by my father is too much for her.i really want her back but its never going to happen with my dad.I have my family back, I am in a relationship that has shown me what true love actually is, and I even just bought a new car (one I was told I would never be “allowed” to buy). You get to have a future that doesn't include worrying if he’s really where he says he is. I am still recovering and the relationship lasted less time than its taken to heal. From there you can protect yourselves from further abusers but there is still no guarantees.I have nothing to gain from you leaving my ex-husband. I just wanted to say Thank You though for writing this letter and giving the warning to others that some of us never receive till its too late.

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He is a broken bird who which you instinctively want to save, but my darling girl, you simply cannot. He will tell you he’s done with you at least a dozen times in those moments yet doesn't mean it, but for your own sake, I hope that you do.

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