My ipod is not updating Text sex numbers

Also check your Mobile Me email as that will let you know if your password is correctly entered. Every now and then, you might find a corrupt MP3 file or photo in your collection.If that happens, i Tunes will throw an error message at you, but not necessarily explain why.This is what you've got to do to set up manual updates: How to disable automatic app updates on i OSGo through the following steps to turn off automatic updates on your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod Touch: That’s all there is to it.If you can't be bothered to update apps on your own, you can always go the other extreme and make sure you always have the latest version of each app automatically.As smartphone owners, we live in the age of apps where there’s truly an app for any scenario you can think of.That also means most of us have more apps we can keep track of.If you leave it off, your apps won’t auto-update until you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network.

If you'd rather update your apps on your own schedule, all you need to do is turn off automatic updates.

Check to see if you can pinpoint a particular song it’s trying to transfer. Note, this could also be caused by a hardware conflict.

Don’t forget that it might just be a problem with i Tunes itself.

It’s possible that your registry files have been corrupted in some way.

So, i Tunes have written out the content of a batch file for you to create and run. They also suggest doing a virus check afterwards just in case that was what caused your problem in the first place.

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Once you turn automatic updates on or off i OS, all/ no apps will update to the latest available version without your permission.

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