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Regional differences between speakers from Upper Burma (e.g., Mandalay dialect), called anya tha , which is the pronunciation used in Upper Burma.

The standard dialect is represented by the Yangon dialect because of the modern city's media influence and economic clout.

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Spoken Burmese is remarkably uniform among Burmese speakers, particularly those living in the Irrawaddy valley, who all use variants of Standard Burmese.Rate other members and even judge their movies and images! Join our community here at Meendo and discover what surprises we have in store for you! Birmania anunció varias veces que comenzaría la repatriación de rohinyás; sin embargo, los integrantes de la minoría musulmana temen regresar a su hogar, donde sufrieron atrocidades y no hay garantías para su seguridad.However, several dialects substantially differ in Burmese with respect to vocabulary, lexical particles, and rhymes.The standard dialect of Burmese (the Mandalay-Yangon dialect continuum) comes from the Irrawaddy River valley.

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