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Liveaboards visit the Burma Banks and some of the top of the archipelago, such as Black Rock and Shark Cave.The dive sites in Myanmar tend to feature wall diving, caves, tunnels and drop-offs.Many people still wear traditional dress - the longyi for men, the htamein for women, both sarong-like garments.You rarely see anyone expose their knees or shoulders, and you will make everyone more comfortable if you adjust.February to May sees the greatest number of visits from whale sharks and for manta rays is February to May a good time to go diving.Myanmar is more conservative than nearby countries.Western Rocky itself is just about 60 metres wide with 2 smaller islets to the east.Dive cruises in Myanmar offer spectacular diving here.

The distances involved in these expeditions can make these trips more expensive than those in Thailand.Myanmar liveaboard trips help to continue opening up this amazing area to the outside world and more travellers are venturing here.Some amazing dive adventures can be found here, having just opened to the greater public, this is a conserved mystical area of the world.The remote southern part of Burma is home to some beautiful white-sand beaches: The Mergui Archipelago.The area receives very few visitors and the islands are largely inaccessible unless you take to the seas and explore the area by liveaboard.

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It's also great for (practising some) underwater photography.

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