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Total employment began to recover sharply this spring and is now almost back to its pre-recession peak.The committee also strongly emphasized that the expansion has been extending throughout the economy in recent months and is now widespread. Each of the major indicators reached a peak in a different month. Real manufacturing and trade sales pealced in August. The committee noted that the various indicators of economic activity normally used to determine the month of the business cycle peak were generally flat during the summer of 1990.Two other monthly indicators had declined to close to their minimum values by early 1991, but continued to decline slightly for the rest of 1991.Real personal income reached its trough in November 1991, at 0.07 percent below its level in April.

Only by December did the overall pattern of economic activity appear to be strong enough to warrant the determination of the trough date.

December 22, 1992 CAMBRIDGE, December 22, 1992 -- The Business Cycle Dating Committee of the National Bureau of Economic Research met by conference call yesterday. In its meeting, the committee determined that the U. economy reached a trough of activity in March 1991.

business cycle that is widely used in the analysis of business conditions.

recession thus began in July 1990, in the committee's view.

The committee does not use a fixed formula to reach its conclusion about the date of a business cycle peak.

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The previous quarterly peak occurred in the third quarter of 1981, they determined.

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