Native american dating customs

Many cultures around the world, from Native Americans to Sikhs, believe that hair has a special significance.

Cultural beliefs about our hair and how it can affect us go back as far as recorded history.

From that standpoint, the notion of “feeling the world” around us doesn’t seem that far-fetched.

These are just a few of the interesting cultures and beliefs we’ve come across.

We understand that your heritage, culture and identity are very important.

We don't know you, but we do know that you are sincere about finding that special someone.

Whatever credit you give the story, the idea of feeling through your hair has merit.

For many Native Americans, braided hair signifies unity with the infinite, and allowing the hair to flow freely signifies the free flow of life. Their beliefs around long hair, as many of their beliefs, are tied to the earth and nature.

The long hair has symbolic significance tying them to mother earth whose hair is long grasses.

Native American cultures and beliefs vary widely between tribes and peoples, so rather than generalize all Native American culture we’ve pointed out some fascinating highlights across different cultures. Both men and women are encouraged to grow their hair.

There are often special ceremonies for the first haircut, but after that they let it grow.

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We’re going to dive into some different long hair cultures in a new series we’re calling Longhair Traditions.

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