Neon genesis evangelion dating sim

Fans will have to clear their diaries for the Spring of 2019 until an exact release date has been announced.

follows a mysterious organization called Nerv as they fight against alien invaders known as Angels.

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Season of the Sakura (さくらの季節 Sakura no Kisetsu) is a Japanese bishōjo eroge for MS-DOS.

You can adorn your guitar with Asuka or Rei for a more reasonable 2,052 yen or get the Evangelion monogram patterned strap for 4,212.

While the Rei and Asuka straps are maybe a bit much to take seriously, I find that the bags are pretty tasteful. The original Neon Genesis Evangelion and it’s companion film The End of Evangelion are making their triumphant return to audiences via Netflix on June 21, ready to traumatize a whole new generation of fans. I’m sure guitar straps and guitar bags are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what new Evangelion merch is right beyond the horizon. Asuka and Rei themed power saws and Misato Katsuragi drill-bits.

Both of the feature films that will feature on Netflix were first released in 1997.


The online streaming service has released several original Anime series of its own, including Altered Carbon and Kakegurui.

The Neon Genesis Evangelion: End of Evangelion, and Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth are also going to be able to stream come the Spring of 2019.

The show’s release date on Netflix will come 24 years after it first premiered on TV back in 1995.

Having the series on Netflix in this quality is a huge boon—not just for diehard fans who get to relive it all over again in one conveniently bingeable place, but for newcomers who can now easily access one of the most lauded, most influential anime series of all time.

Nothing that has Evangelion should surprise you anymore.

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Yes, now you can cover Cruel Angel’s Thesis in style or let everyone at that open mic know whether you’re a Rei or Asuka stan. Both the bags and the straps will be released in limited quantities only, so if you’re interested you’re going to want to get on these fast.

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