Nicky wu and liu shi shi dating

The drama is a remake of K-drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal where the female lead disguises herself as a man to attend an all-male school. The movie stars Huang Xiao Ming, Du Jiang, Tan Zhuo, Yang Zi, Ou Hao, Yin Xiao Tian, Gu Jia Cheng, Zhang Zhe Han, and Gao Ge.

The drama also stars Bi Wen Jun and Wang Rui Chang. Tang Yan and Shawn Dou are confirmed as leads for new drama The Legend of Xiao Chuo (燕云台). The movie is set to premiere on August 1 On April 29th, Nicky Wu announced that Liu Shi Shi gave birth to a healthy boy.

Groomsmen: Little Tigers’ Alec Su and Julian Chen, and Yuan Hong. Wife’s parents on left side, husband’s parents on right side. The last remake of the series was back in 2006 with Nie Yuan, Ady An, Gillian Chung, and Athena Chu as the main cast. Meet You with Wang Li Kun and Huang Jing Yu has officially wrapped up filming. Nicky Wu and his ladylove Liu Shi Shi hold their wedding ceremony on the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali. I usually don’t like add-on flowers, but Shi Shi looks utterly cute with them. More wonderful is that two years ago, Vivian's wedding is in Bali at the, at that time, our as a bridesmaid, also moved to tears in the scene.After Vivian Hsu's son, Ruby Lin also specially to Malaysia, visit Vivian Hsu, give her a surprise.

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But entertainment circle, big, say small, especially for some stories of men and women, there are some common friends originally undisputable, but sitting in the same in a banquet field ceremony can be really embarrassing! Say, Shi Shi Wu to Bali is predestined, March in Bali wedding, occupy the major news headlines long weeks, when veteran Wallace still wedding to drink, the stage of the Shi Shi Wu joke.

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  1. “They went there because it’s a romantic spot,” says a second source. I do know how to cook, I just don’t cook that often (I’m busy with other stuff, and incredibly lazy about getting in the kitchen). So, is it depressingly old-fashioned that Blake is cooking for her man?