Nigerian dating customs

Men love women who are smart and intellectually challenging.Women like these fit into organizational role and would rise fast in their chosen fields of career.Find below the types of women Nigerian men want to marry:1.

They do not have to worry about the ladies cheating while they are trying to hustle and make something out of their lives.5.However, men who are not as sound as them may feel intimidated by them and keep off as their ego would always be bruised.Men are naturally proud; they would no doubt want to be in control of women like these knowing how much respect the women like that command in the society.4.As much as people think men do not have pay attention to certain things, they have standards with which they operate and have qualities they expect their future partners to possess.Some Nigerian men would encourage some ladies to go bad or train them to be wild, yet they know they could never settle down for women like that because they have goals and objectives too.

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The ladies may not necessarily be virgins; they know they could train the innocent ones until they become the ideal sexual partner they want.9.

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