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He huna show tur, Rinsangi enkawl ui hi US atanga chah luh Golden Retriever a ni a, amah bakah hian Dog Trainer dang ten an ui trained theuh an show bawk ang a, an inel dawn a ni.

Tunah hian Rinsangi hi hnathawkin Chandigarh-ah a khawsa mek a, ui ngaina tak mai niin ui chi tha tak Saint Bernard leh English Cocker Spaniel te a vulh ve mek a ni.

In 2018, she starred in the first anthology film of Bangladesh Sincerely Yours, Dhaka.

is a National Award-winning Bangladeshi actress and model.

Tisha was appointed the first "Public Diplomacy Ambassador (Honorary position) for South Korea" for two years as part of the celebration of 40th anniversary of the two countries bilateral relations in 2013.

On the silver screen, Tisha first appeared in Mostofa Sarwar Farooki's critically acclaimed Third Person Singular Number in 2009 starring alongside Mosharraf Karim, Topu, Abul Hayatand others.

July thlatir lamm khan hemi te hi an in date tan chauh a, thlakhat a liam hnu chauhah August 8 khan Chad Kroeger hian lunghlu leh rangkachaka siam carat 14-a rit zungbun pein Avril chu a nupui atan a sawm a, Avril pawh hian a lo pawm ve mai niawm a ni.

An thian hnai tak pakhat chuan, "An pahnih hian an hlim dun em em a, Chad-a hian Avril hi a tihlim theiin an chhungte ve ve pawhin an duh pui hle," tiin a sawi..

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