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These paintings and statues of Mary date from the 11th or 12th century and were produced throughout the medieval period.

And while they have dark skin, they are recognizably European, Typically, those trying to explain this phenomenon state that the wood was naturally dark, in the case of some statues, or that the darkness was a result of color changes in paint over time.

He’ll still be New York Dolls 1974 when he’s in his 80’s if he makes it that far.

As he put it to me, he says the masculine part of him is like the toughest, hardest, baddest, most ultra machisimo guy that ever lived, but then, you know, he’s got this other side.

Or that males treat depression and anxiety disorders with booze and drugs.

It’s tragic that it’s more ok for a guy to be a heavy drinker than to be depressed. They were nearly the best looking guys in town, and they were also just about the smartest guys in town.

I leave them alone, because I don’t see anything wrong with it, and I figure other people are going to be pummeling them over this their whole lives anyway, so why add to it.

Any one of these behaviors, not to mention all of them, is pretty deadly in a male. If they do end up with females, the females typically are mean and cruel to them, bitch at them, and constantly complain that they are not masculine.Inner masculinity is very important for a man, assuming you want it.Now a guy like Sexman, he’s pretty androgynous in a 1970’s glam rocker kind of way.If you’ve ever met any Mizrachis, they are fairly dark people. I always found the Catholic religion quite impressive – not because of any real understanding of it but because of what I could see of it. Most people know about the Black Madonna – images of Mary in which she is shown with dark or sometimes black skin.And what I could see of it was quite mysterious and maybe a bit awe-inspiring, for someone used to the kind of plain religious services I grew up with. Since these Black Madonnas are the creation of Europeans, there is speculation and dispute about their origin and significance.

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Thing is, a lot of straight guys are just not very masculine. If you’re overly agreeable, call people on their shit.

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