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The Virginia Company spun off Bermuda in 1615, when the Bermuda Company obtained a separate charter from King James I for the Plantation of the Somers Isles.

In 1624, after the Virginia Company had failed to produce a profit and the 1622 uprising demonstrated the company's inability to even defend the colony, King James I revoked the 1612 charter.

until Virginia ceded its claims to western lands, the state claimed its boundaries extended beyond Lake Michigan Source: William Robertson Garrett, History of the South Carolina Cession, and the Northern Boundary of Tennessee Virginia reached its greatest extent in 1609, when King James I issued a second charter to the Virginia Company of London that defined new boundaries for the Virginia colony.

The new claims extended north to what is now Maine, south to near the modern North-South Carolina border, and "" all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

England's tacit acceptance of Virginia's western land claims ended with the 1774 Quebec Act.

It transferred responsibility for granting ownership for most lands west of the Appalachian Mountains from the restless colonies such as Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York to the more-loyal province of Quebec.

Virginia's land claims shrank from the 1609 Second Charter grant "from sea to sea, west and northwest" until the formation of the State of West Virginia in 1863 Source: Virginia Geographic Alliance, Virginia Land Claims (derived from Map 28 in "An Atlas of Virginia") What the king granted to a few well-connected friends in the Virginia Company, the king could take away.

The boundaries of the colony were modified by various actions of the king, from the creation of Maryland in 1632 through the Quebec Act of 1774.

That proclamation settlement in the Mississippi River watershed, where the French had relinquished their claims in the 1763 Treaty of Paris that ended the Seven Years War.Virginia's claims to western lands under the 1609 charter were interpreted by Henry Popple in 1743 to follow the 36° 30' and 40° lines of latitude Source: Library of Congress, A map of the British Empire in America with the French and Spanish settlements adjacent thereto (by Henry Popple, 1743) A third charter issued by King James I in 1612 retained Virginia's rights to "," plus it expanded the colony's boundaries eastward to include the recently-discovered island of Bermuda.Virginia has been reduced in size in various ways since 1612.The Virginians were more accommodating to those other 12 colonies who joined the fight against Great Britain.In June, 1776, the Fifth Convention adopted a constitution that defined the new state's boundaries as: The territories, contained within the Charters, erecting the Colonies of Maryland, Pennsylvania, North and South Carolina, are hereby ceded, released, and forever confirmed, to the people of these Colonies respectively, with all the rights of property, jurisdiction and government, and all other rights whatsoever, which might, at any time heretofore, have been claimed by Virginia, except the free navigation and use of the rivers Patomaque and Pokomoke, with the property of the Virginia shores and strands, bordering on either of the said rivers, and all improvements, which have been, or shall be made thereon.

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And no purchases of lands shall be made of the Indian natives, but on behalf of the public, by authority of the General Assembly.

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