Odds of dating a millionaire

Added to which, we know the wealthy men and women on our site are very busy people, so we’ve created our handy i OS app to make using our service on the go as easy as possible – this is millionaire dating made simple!

Based on Costa and Mc Crae’s ‘Five Factor Model’, the first step in using Elite Singles is always our in-depth personality test.

You are more likely to get injured fishing than on a rollercoaster.

There are eight injuries per million days on a ride at an amusement park, compared to 88 per million days fishing.

The thing that sets us most apart from the other millionaire dating sites is that a staggering 82% of our members are university-educated.

Education is valued extremely highly here at Elite Singles, and is one of the core considerations we use in matching you with prospective partners.

Together, they cited information from 6 references.

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The chance of someone being killed by a Syrian refugee in a terrorist attack in the USA (3,640,000,000/1) is less likely than being killed by in a vending machine accident in the states (112,000,000/1).More people in the UK die putting their socks on (4 or 5 a year) than they do falling into a swimming pool (3 a year) A motorbike journey from London to Manchester is about as dangerous as serving a full day of active duty in Afghanistan was for UK troops. You are more likely to get injured on a pogo stick (115,300/1) than on a horse (500,000/1).If you are left-handed you are more likely to be killed by incorrectly using a right-handed product (4,400,000/1) than die in a terrorist attack (9,300,000/1).More likely to drown in the bath (685,000/1) than die in an airline related terror attack (112,000,000/1).You are more likely to win Gold at the Olympics (662,000/1) than get struck by lightning (10,000,000/1) The odds of dying in a train crash (500,000/1) are actually greater than getting dealt a royal flush in poker (649,740/1).

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