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Which is how we ended up driving Also super Florida?Setting up our dive gear out the back of a pickup truck!While we may have felt a bit silly tying a reel off to a palm tree in the parking lot, it really did help to establish muscle memory and give us an idea of what we were doing while we were still on land and could ask questions.

The vast majority of my instructors and mentors over the years have been men and they have been faultless, fantastic teachers who I have great respect for and have been shown great respect in return.

After scooping Heather up at the Tampa Airport, where she’d flown into from her home of Grand Cayman, we drove directly to Adventure Outfitters to hit the books.

Adventure Outfitters was a clean, organized and colorful shop and after a flurry of hugs and introductions, we settled in for a Power Point lecture while Anna’s son serviced dive gear in the back room and her menagerie of shop animals curled up under our feet.

— and how to avoid it within a confined environment.

We learned about the natural hazards of an overhead environment, about how to modify existing equipment for cavern diving, and all about the ins and outs of two things no cavern diver should leave home without, lights and reels.

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