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The share of 18- to 24-year-olds who use online dating has roughly tripled from 10% in 2013 to 27% today.Online dating use among 55- to 64-year-olds has also risen substantially since the last Pew Research Center survey on the topic.

One factor behind the substantial growth among younger adults is their use of mobile dating apps.Oath will also provide relevant ads to you on our partners' products.To give you a better overall experience, we want to provide relevant ads that are more useful to you.The way the current trend is heading, what will dating be like in 2030, and will that be a better or worse time to be on the dating market than 1995? I think the term “online dating” is part of the problem and makes people who don’t know much about it think it refers to people forming entire relationships online and only meeting in person much later.Simply considered as online meeting people, it makes a ton of sense.

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