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Jilted boyfriends or girlfriends, for example, might create profiles of their exes on dating or social networking sites and then, pretending to be the ex, post remarks or photos that portray the ex in a bad light.

Let’s hope that the trend of passing such statutes does not continue.The boy was found guilty in juvenile court, sentenced to a juvenile academy for between 90 days and one year, and placed on probation.The statute under which the perpetrator was convicted—a regular identify theft statute—prohibits “willfully obtain[ing] personal identifying information and us[ing] that information for any unlawful purpose.” The teen defendant claimed that the legislature had intended the “unlawful purpose” language to refer to crimes, not civil torts.In October, in one of the first prosecutions under the California law, Jesus Felix, a 22-year-old Los Angeles man, admitted to creating 130 Facebook pages and numerous Craigslist listings with sexually explicit photographs of his former girlfriend.Felix pled guilty to two counts of “e-personation” and one count of making harassing phone calls, and was sentenced to five years of probation and 30 days of community service.

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Calling the comments that Thornton allegedly posted about the detective “horrendous,” the judge noted that while the current law does not specifically address electronic communications, it clearly applies to a broad spectrum of impersonation techniques.

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