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Walking in the flesh instead of the Spirit can be a tell-tale sign that something fishy is going on (Galatians -18).

When you are born again, you become a new creation with new desires, a new mind, and new heart.

You go to the teller window and you proceed to make your deposit.

As the teller is counting through your deposit, she takes one bill and sets it aside and she finishes counting the rest of the money.

And I’ll tell the harvesters to put the wheat in my barn.”That’s why it’s important for you to be able to spot fake Christians, because you’ll want to include them in your evangelism efforts.

When you received Christ, the Holy Spirit came and began living inside of you.

Ask someone one of these questions to see who or what they are trusting in for their salvation. Facebook Twitter Google I'm the Technology Manager of Calvary Chapel South Bay, a church in Gardena, California.

I'm also the founder of Grace Digital Solutions, a company that builds websites for businesses and non-profits.

So you empty the cash register, take your money bag, and you go to your bank.

Missionary dating and marriage will be a road of extra struggle. And though your relationship may seem to challenge him in the right direction, don’t be fooled that he’ll so quickly “give it all up for you,” without the aid and accountability of professional help. The Narcissist – If your boyfriend cares more about what he looks like in the mirror on any given day, than what you do, or can’t seem to get enough of his “greatness,” you may have trouble ahead. One of the number one causes of divorce is relationship difficulty with in-laws. Do not believe the lies that you are “less than,” or need to settle for one you can’t fully trust, or may not treat you respectfully or lovingly. We may not have it all figured out or be able to see what, or who, is ahead.

If you hold vastly different spiritual beliefs now, don’t falsely assume you’ll get him to “turn around,” or change his ways later. Be careful not to settle for less than what God would want for the spiritual health and care of your marriage. The Abuser - You are worth far too much to be abused by anyone. Move quickly away from anyone who brings you physical, verbal, or deep emotional harm. Marriage is built on deep love and respect and this is most certainly no way to begin. You are not the one to set him free and your role is not to try to change him. No matter how handsome, talented, and charming one may seem, marriage is built on the word “together.” If the relationship before marriage seems a bit one-sided, emphasis on “his side,” it may be destined for struggle. No family is perfect, but be sure you’re both on the same page when it comes to leaving, cleaving, and uniting as one. Be careful that you have wisdom to see the true heart before you enter covenant relationship with one entrenched in sexual sin. Without this as a firm foundation, you’re in for trouble from the beginning. Once married, these patterns can worsen when the stressors of family life and responsibilities mount high. If you find these traits in one you love, or even in yourself, the hope is that He doesn’t leave us on our own to try to figure it all out. There is no pit too deep, no road too far traveled that His love can’t reach us still. While You Are Waiting: - Pray that God will guide and give you wisdom.

This man will dominate and strive to make every decision for you, decide who you should spend time or who you should no longer see. Any lie is meant to hide, deceive, or manipulate truth.

The one driven by control needs will have continual issues with whether he can “trust you.” Often, under the grasp of the controller, you may start to feel like you can hardly breath. It’s supposed to be, that’s how he holds you in his grasp. There is no room for dishonesty in a healthy, loving relationship.

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After she’s finished counting, she goes back, takes that $50 bill, and she places it in a special machine. Yep, it’s just as she suspected, its a fake $50 bill.

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