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Some of these injustices are recounted in a powerful 160-page document entitled “Because I am Oromo,” published by Amnesty International in 2014.

Reports are coming out of torture, rape and of suspected dissenting students being taken from their dormitories by police.However, tensions finally appear to be coming to a head.After over a century of oppression, the Oromo are once again fighting with their lives for the right to self-determination, livelihood, land, and to preserve their culture.In November, Ethiopian students came together to protest the reinstatement of the government’s sinisterly titled Master Plan, which expects to expand the capital city into rural Oromia territory.The plan, renamed the Master Killer by activists, is another in the long line of government land grabs under the guise of development and foreign investment.

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In the 2005 election, the Carter Centre observed 383 complaints regarding polling and counting fraud.

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