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In the Navnat community you don’t wear it often after getting married, apart from in some specific ceremonies. Another town is called SHRIMAL and those who came from here became SHRIMALI. Over a period of time, through differences of opinion, there were splits in these organisations and the numbers who grouped together gave a sub-sect name of VISA OSHWAL, DASA SHRIMALI, VISA SHRIMALI etc. Originally, the OSHWALS who settled in the area of JAMNAGAR in over 50 villages were by profession FARMERS and not BUSINESSMEN.

In the Oshwal community, however, the lady will wear it again whenever a close family member gets married. Food is also different either because it’s a dish specific to one of the communities so it’s unheard of to the ‘other’ one or it’s the same dish but made with a different ingredient so it can become very different. So can we celebrate similarities, learn from our differences and be closer? Hence it is quite possible that they were not treated as BUSINESSMEN by the SHRIMALI community who were all businessmen.

It can cause an unnecessary split and create so much negativity. This year, politics about which community hall should be used; meant that we did not hold a joint event. So if you take anything away from this post, could it be that we should forget the past. Now they consider themselves higher than DASA SHRIMALI.

One recent example of this refers to a moment when I felt very proud. All the Jain UK organisations got together and organised an event called Mahavir Janma Kalyanak. Most of OSHWALS are DERAVASI ~ MURTIPUJAK~ ICONIC in belief. One must accept HISTORY as it was and not as it is!

The truth is that there are differences between the two communities.

These differences have been highlighted to me because I have married into an Oshwal family.

It can cause an unnecessary split and create so much negativity. All the Jain UK organisations got together and organised an event called Mahavir Janma Kalyanak. It finally got explained to me that Oshwal are ‘Visa‘ and Navnat are ‘Dasa’. Of course, it implies that I have half the skill, intelligence and so on. Then one day, we were having dinner with other members of the family and the joke started again. They were poorer than the Navnat community who tended to have businesses.

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The Christmas themed food was delicious, including a vegan nut roast with trimmings and gravy complimented by red and white sparkling grape juice.

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