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Four years later, he can’t even find work in his chosen field, and is being forced to reinvent himself — at the bottom rung of another career path. Do you think that James’ new financial situation will impact his love life? And that is the exact same thing I’d tell any man who complains that women only want rich men.

Do you think that women should see him as an equally viable option on his middle class salary as they did on his upper middle class salary? Either make more money — or find the woman who doesn’t find money to be as important.

Before I went up a couple of sizes, I was always able to date the men that were interesting to me. The only men who are interested in me now are the ones most women wouldn’t want to go out with.

I don’t feel I have been overly picky, but lately I can’t even seem to attract Joe Average.

I think I have a lot going for me otherwise: two graduate degrees, a great sense of humor, and a job that I am successful at.

The lowest of the low was the guy who sent her a message reading “Ever thought about losing 15 pounds or so?

You’d be so hot.” My friend is self-conscious about her weight, so this comment from an insensitive stranger devastated her.

The men whom I do end up dating are highly critical of my body, even when their own looks are nothing to write home about.

I am already eating like a bird and exercising 6 days a week just to maintain where I’m at now.

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