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Scott Sutton / Dear Forum Members, Can you suggest an alternate method for TOC analysis with pharmacopoeial recommendation? Balaji ------------------ The PMFList ( is operated from The Microbiology Network ( and supported by our sponsors ( as a service to the scientific community.

All the global pharmacopeias require the calibration or verification of the conductivity/resistivity measurement circuit in the conductivity transmitter.Christopher from Singapore asks: Regarding calibration of the temperature sensor within the conductivity probe and the electronics of the conductivity transmitter, I do not know which pharmacopeia you are following, but being at Novartis I would assume both USP and EP.The answer to your question is in two parts, the first regarding the electronics of the conductivity transmitter and the second concerns the conductivity sensor.If the p H of the feedwater is lowered too much, you will produce CO, which passes through the RO membrane raising the conductivity. RO membranes prefer a slightly acidic feedwater, but if you are below 5.6, raise the p H of the feedwater to the range of 6.0 to 6.3 and then test the conductivity of the product water from the RO.Pure water will absorb CO from the atmosphere at a very fast rate, especially if the water is at ambient temperature.

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