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I'd been watching some WWII movies and thought it was a good idea to tell a joke about calling Germans krauts.

That was also the day I learned that the cute girl who sat behind me I had a crush on was a German exchange student I'm in my 20s now and it still mortifies me when I remember.

Class had yet to begin and everyone was talking and telling jokes.

Without a hint of racism I genuinely thought chinese restaurants were just called ' Chinkies' until I was a teenager.

Then everyone just stopped saying it and I didn't hear it again until my mid-20's when my girlfriend asked me "You're not worried what people will think about you dating a Chinkie are you? That was the moment I was embarrassed on behalf of everyone for not knowing just how bad that word is and I knew that while my grandparents and friends hadn't been maliciously racist, they had perpetuated pain that lasted beyond the time we all stopped saying that word.

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When I was a young kid in elementary school and me and my brother got the looney tunes golden collection, which was some sort of anniversary dvd set.

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whenever we’d put in a disc Whoopi Goldberg would give her little speech.

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