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Although Pania was in love with Karitoki, she would still hear the siren call of the sea and would return to her people every morning, while in the evening she would travel back to be with her husband on shore.Pania soon gave birth to a son who was hairless, and so he was named Moremore or 'the hairless one'.Also, watch out for —a show in which Desai and Das recite the “95% true” tale of how they fell in love.Follow Rohan, Shremayee and Grin Revolution on Instagram.While there are many variations to the story of Pania of the Reef, all versions tell of Pania's beauty.Pania was said to be a beautiful maiden who belonged to the ocean.

In today's culture, local fishermen believe she lies beneath the reef.

Karitoki began to suspect that Pania was homesick for her people and he became concerned that he might lose her and his son to the sea.

He consulted a tohunga (high priest) who told him to place cooked food upon the mother and child, as this would take away Pania’s powers and bind her to the land.

And while comedians might look effortless in these performances, anyone who follows comedy knows that these bits are practised and mastered over months and years at open mics.

These events are thus vital to the growth of the scene, and the people who manage the best ones are vital players.

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