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These characteristics are thought to be adaptations for preying on Late Pleistocene megaherbivores, and in North America its prey are known to have included horses, ground sloths, mastodons, bison, and camels.

His other venture is called Gigantic Worx, a touring exhibition for students to enjoy unique music educational experiences.

Newest creative idea for Park La Breans and neighbors is “Super Saturday,” a series of multiple interest activities for all ages.

These include a comedy performance, a networking club and women’s circle.

His love of music has motivated Sir Richard Winter-Stanbridge ever since he sang at the Royal School of Choral Music in England at age seven.

Now, as entertainment director of Park La Brea’s 10,000 plus population and interested nearby residents, Richard is promoting music, art, theater and literature.

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“In considering what people are gravitating towards these days for their recreational enjoyment, many flock to social networking online.

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