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Last year we had 15 marriages—and may it go higher!

” Those 15 marriages matter a great deal to this shrinking, aging community.

“When people say Parsis are dwindling, it’s not necessarily that we’re dying out, but when you intermarry, you dilute that sense of Parsi identity.” The specter of their shrinking population hangs heavy over Parsis of all ages.

They face pressure from their families and community leaders to marry other Parsis, because marriage implies children who can inherit religious and cultural customs.

She taught her children about her faith but couldn’t always bring them inside temples because some priests forbade her entry.

As the Parsi population shrinks, Narang laments the exclusion of her children and others.

He hopes to as well, but not out of religious or cultural devotion—it’s just easier.According to a 2011 study in the journal , if neither marriage customs nor fertility rates change, there will be just 19,136 Parsis in Mumbai in 2051.These statistics bring with them a community-wide sense of crisis.In other words, accepting children of interfaith marriages might not be the key to community survival.But it could sustain Zoroastrianism through women like Narang and ease tensions in many Parsi families.

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