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There are some doubters out there who have been at the dating game for years. I see people who are blind, who are deaf, who have cerebral palsy — and they all find love.

I do not want to hear a story of why it can’t happen because there is a love for everybody. It is your job to get your stuff together; nobody else’s.

“Loneliness is a major killer and eventually, it will create disease,” says Stanger.

So, we have to keep doing everything we can to make love stay on the map right now.

Give me one major piece of advice for those who are looking for love.

You just have to be happy with who you are, whether you are 20 pounds overweight, if you are a widow, or if you have been divorced three times.

The occasion for my midday Bacchanalia with Patti (during which she remains sober throughout and I get increasingly drunker) is the launch of her new wine line, PSMatch, which includes a Chardonnay and Sweet Rosso that hit stores this month and a Prosecco and Rosé coming this fall.

The minute you Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram stalk them, you're screwing yourself.

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Social media background check before a first date: good or bad idea?

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