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Mona, Jed, and Robin accompany him as they meander throught the quagmire of awkward situations they encounter on their dating escapades.

Austin Peck, the lead actor, got bit in the face by a dog on the second to last day of shooting and all production had to be halted until he recovered. See more » After seeing this at the Breckenridge Film Festival, I was surprised how well it was responded to.

See full summary » A woman leaves an abusive relationship to begin a new life in a new city, where she forms an unlikely and ironic relationship with a suicidal hitman (unbeknownst to her). See full summary » Nick Jenkins finds himself back in the single scene as his relationship with his fiancee abruptly fall apart.

With his roommate and best friend Jed Rollins, Nick jumps into the dating world.

Whether the incentives to play games involve gaining security, gaining control or gaining self-esteem and self-justification, psychological theatrics are always ways of fulfilling an (often) unconscious goal.I don't mind speaking to people from other timezones as sometimes I'm on quite late.I would say I'm average at games so please have patience with me lol. Hey, im looking for people to play minecraft with, its been a while since I last played and all my online friends are inactive so im hoping that I can make some new friends and make new memories.The husband, seeing his wife’s behavior, continues to resist seeing it as a kind of “trap.” However, when the wife turns up her provocativeness and begins to engage in more physical contact (e.g. Reason for the behavior: Fear of sex, fear of vulnerability, desire for more sexual intensity.kisses), the husband regains a glimmer of hope and launches in with hopes of sexual intimacy. Hidden incentives for the behavior: Avoidance of sex due to shame and fear, enhanced sexual stimulation and intensity, self-esteem justification of “I’m OK, you’re not OK.” This game starts with a passive person (male or female) selecting a more dominant partner.

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