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starts with an incredible, uncomfortable act: a woman leaving her child.From there, in 1998, the novel hurtles forward, set in Jamaica and New York, as mother and daughter, Patsy and Tru, live out separate fates that are connected by blood, but also by huge, unseen forces of politics, class, and race.Thanks to the wonders of dating apps, he’s also (happily) drowning in offers of casual sex.For three weeks, Toby alternately celebrates his newfound autonomy and rages over the mess his spouse has left him.Brodesser-Akner is a master of zeitgeisty pith, and Toby, while occasionally too saintly for realism’s sake, is a delightful mensch.

Below, 10 of the best summer books for you to delve into: (Scribner), two families live side by side in a leafy, middle-class bedroom community north of New York City—the Gleesons and the Stanhopes, uneasy Irish-American neighbors whose two young children, Kate and Peter, are falling in love.—Corey Seymour, Senior Editor takes place in World War II–era New York, where Vivian is sent by her Waspy, no-nonsense parents.The 19-year-old lands at her estranged Aunt Peg’s failing theater, a dizzying funhouse lacking rules and structure, where she finds her place making costumes for low-budget productions.“You have to because I don’t have the English to help you.” The loosely constructed novel is the unfolding of this path—in its simplest outline, it’s the story of a mother and son who are struggling to find their way in an unfamiliar culture.But it is also a bildungsroman that vacillates between moments of piercing tenderness and savage brutality, set against quixotic hopes of the American dream and the devastation of the opioid crisis.

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A shocking tragedy turns what had been a portrait of domestic tension into a profound narrative of trauma and blame.

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