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And in other news, the talented Amanda Ashby has just won the , two of my CPs and fellow Witches, are holding a joint Christmas competition on their blogs and My Space pages for a lucky reader to win copies of their debut books, Amanda's You Had Me at Halo, and Sara's The Second Virginity of Suzy Green. blog and join in her fabulous birthday bash all this month, with lots of brilliant author guests and prizes up for grabs! ) I'm not sure whether or not I can pull it off, but I'll see how I go this week. Chances are, you enjoy creating all types of stories. And nothing would please you more than millions of people seeing your story on the big screen!

All you need to do is hop on over and leave a comment. Two Men I’d Love to Date if I Were Single (and they were single):1. It's a story that haunted me for something like five years - but it was never novel length, just this one very vivid, starkly beautiful scene. You don't just create compelling stories, you see them as clearly as a movie in your mind. I don't know what's going on, but my internet's been down again. Things got so bad this afternoon I actually tidied up my office, just so I could keep one eye on the computer on the off chance it went back online.

God must have some spare time on his hands to advise the head of the school who should and should not coach our football team. If the pastor has an in with God, wonder if he could get me a heads up on who’s gonna win the Super Bowl and the name of a good bookie. Best Tourist Attraction Wave Rock, in Hyden WA, is an amazing 14m high and 110m long and is believed to have formed over 2700 million years ago through a gradual process of erosion of the softer rock beneath the upper edge.

Maybe if He spent a little less time talkin’ to the pastor we could find the end to world hunger, war, and deviant behavior. I think I've finally done all my Christmas shopping (apart from the last minute veggies - including the obligatory half dozen sprouts my husband insists on having on his plate Christmas Day. )I hit the local mall at 8 am this morning but unfortunately it seemed half the town had the same idea. Anyway I got the ham and pickles and then went looking for Harry Potter goodies for my two little nieces, who are Totally Into Harry Potter!! The colours of the Wave are caused by the rain washing chemical deposits down the face. Place for Kids Got to be How in the name of all that is Holy did he get a handicapped sticker for THAT?!?!?

Since Santa is bringing them the DVDs, I ended up with a trolley load of stationery items. hot sex okay these are totally pinched from Shelley's meme, but on the other hand what's not to love about these things??? Every time I waded through the Help section and thought I'd finally got somewhere, it would redirect me to yet another Q&A. blog, and as I'm always up for a bit of procrastination, I gave it a whirl. But, back to the writing - I'm trying something new for me.

Luckily they both love reading, and I've yet to find any book lover who doesn't also adore stationery items!! David Tennant (Tardis optional)I Am Wearing Right Now…1. Long sleeved scarlet top (it's cold and rainy today - I can't believe it!! Something I always said I would never do (which means of course it was only a matter of time before I succumbed!!

I saw her dancing clockwise, which means I use the right side of my brain more (apparently! Then she suddenly turned and started dancing anti clockwise. I called my husband over to have a look, and just as he said, yeah she's dancing clockwise - she suddenly faced me and started swinging her leg back and forth. It's a word multiple choice quiz, and every time you answer correctly the site donates rice.

I yelled for my son to come and take a look (never mind that I'd just put him to bed, this was important! All this time, the dancer was just standing there, swinging her leg from side to side, and the thing is - there is no explanation on the website! I admit to not knowing all the words I was given (in fact I couldn't even pronouce some of them!!

Step 9 – Who gives a crap, you’ve just chugged three 24 oz. Step 10 – Call your 71 year old mother and slur to her over the phone that “shou neeb a rad homeb”. It should be pretty straightforward I suppose, but nothing is straightforward in this house! I admit I'm a bit of a hoarder but I discovered RWAus magazines dating back to October 2003!! Okay, because whenever I post pics my blogger goes all wonky and I never know where my actual writing bits will end up, I'm editing my previous post here!

Annoyingly, there doesn't seem to be much HP merchandise about. Does the red handicapped sticker hanging from the rearview mirror mean he's mentally challenged? For some reason blogger didn't let me comment on anyone's blogs yesterday.

I did find a great online store last night with lots of HP pressies, but it's based in Melbourne which isn't much good for me and I'm not trusting the post to deliver any parcels in time for Christmas. eating & drinking (and quite often I indulge in at least three of these activies simultaneously! Instead it keep giving me a code to send to blogger to let them know what the problem was. That's a great idea in theory, but only when you can actually find their addy. And annoying, because why give me a code if I can't even use it?! This minor procrastination aside, I have been very good today on the writing front (despite the temperature hitting 32, with threats of rising to 39 degrees tomorrow...feels like the inside of an oven).

This link was posted on the ROMAUS loop, so of course I had to have a nose.

It shows a dancer in silhouette and depending on which direction you see her dancing, can tell whether you use more of your left or right side of your brain.

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It's also occurred to me I've spent more time in the car than anywhere else over the last few weeks running about after my girls, and to be honest my brain is starting to fry.

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