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I understand that a narrative like this is a mystery for the player to solve. might dive through layers and references, weaving in and out of time, but it can feel like reading a book completely out of order with a bunch of pages torn out.If the narrative is supposed to be about coming to grips with the demons of the past, I rarely felt like I understood them enough for the psychological horror to be emotionally impactful.When it manifests as something physical or an exploitable game mechanic, it starts to peel back the layers of fear and reveal an inner core that’s not so scary.has plenty of those psychological moments as it upends what you think you know.An eerie disembodied voice known only as “The Director,” played by Tony Todd.

By giving my fear an exploitable weakness, its power over me was rendered inert.

If you want the full impact of excels in many aspects of psychological horror, but it also undermines itself.

While it creates many layers of fear, there’s little connective tissue between them to make the narrative coherent enough to engage with.

Whispers behind closed doors feel like they are right there.

The sounds of the creaking ship bring the environment to life.

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